Mixed Up Real Good

Emilia Shaffer-Del Valle

As a woman of mixed race – Mexican, Jewish, and African-American, among many ancestries – I am interested in the effects of cultural confluence. Informed by observation, research, and lived experience, Emilia engages with identity as something both constructed and innate; identity as an element of her self that she reveres and seeks to deeply honor, but also as an ephemeral idea that feels lost or intangible. How do physical markers of identity affect our sense of self? How do we reject or internalize perception?

Emilia Shaffer-Del Valle is an independent curator and artist who approaches the arts as a critical tool for education and change. She co-founded Casa Experimental, an after-school arts program at the Ridgewood Bushwick Youth Center, and has recently worked with the New Museum, No Longer Empty, and Red Bull Studios. She lives and works in Brooklyn.