Call for Submissions: Matriarchy

A matriarchal society can be strange to imagine. We’ve seen womxn wield power, but structural power? What would matriarchy look like? What would our families and towns look like? Schools and workplaces? Governments and wars?

And yet, we have matriarchal forces in our lives. We’re raised by womxn. We inherit both their wisdom and their burdens. We’re governed and led by womxn. Who are they? What does their power mean?

In this issue, we’re celebrating matriarchs and imagining new ones. Send us art, music and stories about your mothers. Tell us about powerful womxn, real or fictional, of all origins and all bodies. Show us your vision of matriarchy.

Please send your contributions to by February 1, 2018. 

Photo credit:  Eva Mayha Davis, Detail of “MIlagro Guadalupano”, 1947. Fernando Leal. Fresco on panel. Tepeyac, México