In this series of digital photos, Adriano Marinazzo plays with drawings on paper on backgrounds with shadows as collage. His work takes on line and shadow studies as application with digital photography. Lines on paper follow the leaves, grass, and the shadows of a forest canopy ––each line a distinct weight and pattern. Each image invites the viewer to distinguish the lines from the forms that shadows impose. There is an interaction between the hand-made lines, the shadows, light, and paper following a cycle of transparency and matter, from light to shadow and from trees to paper.

Marinazzo describes his production:

Lila: The Divine Play

According to the Hindu doctrine, God manifests itself through the divine play called Lila. The process by which I create these works consists of two parts. First, I create my drawings on a fragile paper support that recalls the impermanent existence of all forms.  Second, I photograph my creations in a natural setting. This process evokes the play of Lila, in which all forms come from the same nourishing source, that we can call the Universe, God, Nature.

Adriano Marinazzo is the Curator of Digital Initiatives at the Muscarelle Museum of Art at the College of William & Mary.