By Bri Barton

In the irresistible future,
there is enough soup for everyone.
Everyone throws in what they can,
everyone eats together, and
everyone helps clean the kitchen.
The soup is good
and never wasted.

Bri Barton is an artist, witch, teacher, and activist. Her work elevates and embodies racial and environmental justice, anti-imperial history, earth worship and defiant celebrations of life. Bri graduated from Moore College of Art in 2011 where she double-majored in Fine Art and Curatorial Studies. She uses paint, ink, shadows, and light to create art that is collaborative, participatory, and informative. Bri is the writer and illustrator of Everything Dies! A Coloring Book About Life. Bri is a co-creator of Water Ways, a series of illustrations and presentations telling interconnected regional stories of water, health, and justice. She is a founding member of the multi-disciplinary painting troupe, ROMPUS. Bri adores the overlap of art and science and teaches both in illustration classes and through garden education. She loves learning, teaching, climbing trees, and composting systems of oppression.
IG: @everybodycolors
Website – Everybody Colors