Permaculture, Outer Space, and Interpersonal Ecosystems: An Interview with Nicole Murayama

Interview by Marina Murayama

For the Nature Issue, we spoke with Nicole Murayama Nir, who is an activist, environmentalist, and healing artist, and also, my sister. I was interested in learning about her experiences with permaculture and working for an organization that helps to manage security in outer space, and dealing with nature in different scopes shapes her perspectives.

Listen to the interview below:

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Nicole Murayama Nir exists at the intersections of being Okinawan, a Sephardic Jew, third culture, and femme. Her work is rooted in the need for healing our communities and ourselves in order to move toward a sustainable future. Murayama Nir is an intuitive tarot reader and the woman behind the hafu witch. She is the operations and communications manager for Secure World Foundation and assistant coordinator for the Denver Permaculture Design Course. She is the co-creator of the pretty lights mamas, an online space for fostering community among women and femmes who love the pretty lights movement. Murayama Nir is also a trained street medic and advocate for survivors of sexual and gender-based violence.

Marina Murayama Nir is an editor at Culturework. 

Image credit: Nicole Murayama Nir